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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Salutations and Howdy, Folks! Excuse my overt greetings, but, being from the South (Arkansas, that it is), I thought that I would open the first installment of this “Shazam!” missive in a friendly, down home manner. Welcome to my Shazam blog; hope you like it because this blog is really your blog! What are your interests regarding the good Captain? How often have you followed his adventures? What would you like to discuss? Feel free to respond, I am very much interested in your comments! 

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  1. Hey, Byron, this is Carl from the Boys Rule Boys Read blog. Thanks for sending us the comment. I was born in Memephis too! Moved to Charlotte in 1986 but still go back sometiimes. Did your REALLY work for the paper in West Memephis?? Too wild! I'll tell my coblogger Bill about your comment! Keep in touch!