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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Welcome back folks to another installment of Byron Vaughns “Shazam Blog”. When we last met, you discovered that the current DC Comics Executive Editor, Dan Di Dio, in search of an artist for the “Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam (BB&MS) comic book asked “yours truly” to pencil and ink the adventures of Captain Marvel. My background has been primarily in the animation industry as a “cartoony” storyboard artist/producer/director. I have worked on a few “straight” productions, (not many) and the amount of time to execute such an assignment was quite short. I had occasionally worked in comic books, but not on a regular schedule. However, the challenge was irresistible; and in the past I enjoyed working with Dan. I decided due to the tight time constraints, I agreed to do only the pencils for BB&MS no. 5. For future issues, I promised to do pencils and inks and what a ride it has been! What kind of ride?….a great one. Well I’m sure you all know that previously Jeff Smith and Mike Kunkel lent their styles to the good captain. My approach was a bit…different. Tune in next time….

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