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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hi Guys,
It’s me again after all this time. Sorry about the wait, but I have been quite busy. As everyone knows by now, I am no longer the artist for the next story arc of BB&MS. I was well aware after I was hired last April 2009 as a replacement for Mike Kunkel that the selection of a new artist was in the making and so it has come to be. Come on guys, this story arc started with Kunkel, then DeStefano and then me; there is a pattern here. What was a surprise, was the naming of the new artist, Mike Norton (that slipped right past me.). I missed that because I was too busy finishing up the last two issues (#11 & #12). I offer him sincere congratulations and wish him well. I look forward to the many changes I expect to see as BB&MS continues to grow. I thank Dan Di Dio for having given me such a golden opportunity. Working with the whole team was a pleasure. BB&MS was a great ride in spite of the bumps along the way. We rode it together and began to like each other along the way. Thanks to the fans and reviewers who liked my cartoony style (and the many little kids) including those who noticed and appreciated the changes in the characters in issues #11 and #12. I will continue to blog about Billy Batson for those who are still interested in the backstory of my experience with BBMS; there are many fascination details I would like to share with you regarding my time with BB&MS. As I stated earlier, I have been quite busy and it has been back to animation for me; however, because of my love for comics, I have decided to create my own web comic. So please continue to visit my blog at and be on the lookout for the link to my new webcomic, Paxton Knight that will be coming soon. SHAZAM!

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  1. Sorry to see you leaving Shazam Byron but look forward to seeing your future endevours.

    Thank for the fun,